Everyday Love: The Plan

About 2 weeks after my marriage to Jill, I left her the first of what I now call, "everyday love notes". It read simply, "Sleep on my queen and when you dream, dream me to be your king." 19 and half years, and several hundred notes later, I still find a new reason everyday to fall in love with her and I am still searching for the right words to express it.

So for the next year I am writing an "everyday love note" everyday. Honest expression of a man's love for his wife and how daily that love looks, lives and lasts.

All of these I will post here , and all of these I will write and leave for Jill.

Year in Review

I have learned a lot over the past year while trying to write each of these poems on a daily basis. It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be but neither is love. There are good poems, great poems and poems that still need work...just like boening in love, there are good days, great days and days that I could have put some more work into. And even though every line is true...just like true love, sometimes it is stretch or hope that gets you there.

I hope there has been something the eveyone can relate to and draw from...I don't think my experience is too far removed when you really think about why you love the one you do. Thanks for reading and loving. Most of all, thanks to Jill, for being the women who inspired this project and daily gives me reasons to love her. I love you.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Over time braided together

Like braided string
each one brings
dreams an hope
to the marriage rope

Woven over time
as each serve in kind
the rope grows long
beautiful and strong

If left to it's own
the trap has sown
a snare on the ground
is likely to be found

If put it ill use
this rope is a noose
strung on a lover's gallows
where feeling remain shallow

Use this rope to climb
from dark and deep designs
Use this rope pull
all the love you can lasso

This rope is meant to tie
and bind us forever
Made of our hopes and dreams
over time braided together.


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